Sunday, January 3, 2016

Nowitzki: the perfect Shot. Review (it's on Netflix)

Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot.
It's On Netflix. 

This documentary film in enticing, beyond its appeal beyond the allstar NBA basketball player's illustrious career. Seeing the training regiments and the strong dedication of him and his trainer share along with shared admiration from stars like Yao Ming, Vince Carter, Michael Minley, along with a special appreciation him and Kobe Bryant share with their like minded, relentless dedication to the mastery of the sport of basketball.

The documentary later segues into the old timer German players who claim to have invented Basketball and further lay claim to much boasting about little known German "superstars" Greg Clausen who have scored 100 points in competitive games over in Europe and Google hasn't seemed to have heard of him either, pages and pages.

Anyways, it was a compelling film into the depths of greatness; what it takes to be the best. Do YOU have what it takes to achieve greatness? But you can't live without insta #tho #TLDR

TLDR; Work hard. Be tall. Germany invented everything and we just have to accept that,

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