Friday, November 27, 2015

Netflix and Stacks TV Reign Supreme in Streaming Game

When it comes to entertainment, Netflix has overtaken the market in the past few years, dominating the market in streaming videos, recently overtaking Youtube and several cable television packages.

Newcomer, and other streaming sites are now the second most visited sites for watching and streaming, with more traffic than Youtube, Facebook, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Itunes combined. offers VOD streaming of original movies, short films and web series, priding itself on honoring the filmmakers that produced the content, with 80% of the money going directly to the filmmakers that produced the content. Compared to YouTube's 45% payout and other less than incredible payouts that often leave artists starving.

The future of entertainment is never set, we will continue to watch in new ways and can only imagine the ever changing ways we chose to enjoy our films.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stacks TV Presents: Mobile Cinemas

Stacks TV is a concoction of movies, short films and new web series. The new streaming network delivers mobile optimized streaming of on demand films with a little something extra, a cinema experience on your phone.

A mobile cinema experience is what Stacks Entertainment ( , the studio behind Stacks TV, believes will carve their path in the booming streaming service industry.

For more about Stacks TV and their upcoming mobile cinema showings, visit